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At Dot Solutions we are committed to increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of non profit organizations. We accomplish this through a threefold approach: Tools, Training, Coaching & Consulting.
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The Ministry Makers Promise

  • Learn the steps to start or recalibrate your non-profit organization to maximize impact!

  • Learn how to efficiently and effectively run an organization that provides true value and makes meaningful impact!

  • We're so confident in our training, we offer a money back guarantee. If you and your team don't feel that your investment paid off we'll refund your entire purchase!

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Ministry Makers

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    • Ministry Makers Introduction!
    • Work Sheet and other Materials
    • Ministry Makers Written Guide
  • 2
    Chapter 1: Vision
    • Cultivating the Vision!
  • 3
    Chapter 2: Mission
    • Defining the Mission!
  • 4
    Chapter 3: Stewardship
    • Seeking the qualified!
  • 5
    Chapter 4: Organizational Structure
    • Learn roles, responsibilities and departments!
  • 6
    Chapter 5: Organizational DNA
    • Defining and building your culture and values!
  • 7
    Chapter 6: Impact
    • Keys to evaluating and measuring impact!
  • 8
    • Go therefore and make disciples!

Ministry Makers: From Vision to Impact


Nick Liberto

Executive Director, Proven Men

Nick Liberto

"Sal Ferlise and his vision for “Ministry Makers: From Vision to Impact” is a direct no nonsense path for launching, developing and recalibrating your ministry. His focus on servant leadership combined with the requirement for excellent counsel are pivotal pieces of the overall strategy for your organization. Ministry Makers simplifies the daunting process of creating actual impact and transfers it into simple easy guided steps towards success. Sal Ferlise through Ministry Makers guides you on the process of taking your vision and drive and making it a reality. If you follow this guide you will be looking back one day surprised and amazed at all you were able to accomplish because of this wise counsel.”
Joy Cover

President of Freedom 424

Joy Cover

“If you know without a doubt that God has given you a vision but maybe you're unsure of where to start in bringing it to fruition, Ministry Makers is the answer. Ministry Makers: From Vision to Impact provides a step-by-step map to help navigate the development of this gift God has given you to steward. From Vision to Impact, Sal Ferlise aids in prioritizing your focus and identifying best practices toward building a viable, healthy, Christ-centered ministry. Through Ministry Makers, you will be empowered to strategically develop your mission, organization and financial resources, structure and accountability in a way that ensures Kingdom impact!"

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